Alison Lord

Office: Leeds, Yorkshire


Telephone: +44 (0) 754 179 0746


Alison Lord - Past Life and Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist - Leeds, UK

My name is Alison and I live and work in Leeds.

I have been interested in Past Lives for as long as I can remember. But it is only through training to be a Regression Therapist that I came to realise just how much of an impact these previous lifetimes can have on our physical and emotional health and our general wellbeing. I also discovered on this journey how strongly we can be affected by energy that doesn't belong to us. Having had a lot of experience of this myself, I recognise now how beneficial it is to have a clear and well balanced energy field!

I have worked as an Aromatherapist since 2000, mostly working with people living with HIV, other long term health issues, and Breast Cancer. I continue to do this work part-time, alongside my private practice working with Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives Therapy, Spirit Release, Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

Working with these wonderful therapies enables me to assist my clients to address their issues at deep levels, releasing the blocks that may be impacting on them, and enabling them to move forwards into a happier and healthier future.


I've felt a general sense of calmness and peacefulness which I really didn't feel before. I feel far more measured and able to deal with difficult tasks and situations which previously had been really getting on top of me.
(B, Leeds)

I haven't wanted to overeat at all since the last session, and I'm very aware of feeling full. I'm not really interested in food and eat when I feel hungry. I'm amazed - It's like a switch has been flicked inside me and completely changed my relationship with food.
(name withheld)

Looking back I feel in a much calmer place. It's bizarre as I didn't feel at the time that the session would have any impact on my current psychological state - but clearly it has. Brilliant!
(L, Bradford)